GPA to Credits

GPA stands for “Grade Point Average” which is an average of all grades over a period of time. It is a system that many universities use to evaluate the academic performance of students. The grades for the subjects that have more class hours, weigh a little more when doing the average.

In the United States, notes are usually given on a scale from 1.0 to 4.0, with 4.0 being the highest grade, and giving them an equivalence in letters.

A Superior 4.0
B Above the 3.0 average
C Average, satisfactory 2.0
D Below Average 1.0
F Insufficient, Failed 0

The term “Credits” refers to the number of class hours held by a particular subject during an academic semester. If the student has 3 hours of class per week, the subject will be worth 3 credits. If they are 4 hours of class per week, the subject is worth 4 credits. Each subject usually is worth 3 or 4 credits.

In a typical semester, 15 credits are taken, which can be 5 subjects with 3 hours per week of class each. A degree program usually requires completing 120 credits over 4 academic years.

We recommend that students, in place of the GPA, include in their application a generational ranking that they can apply for at the institution in which they studied (for example, JL scores place them in 3rd place among the 25 graduates of an incoming generation Of 300 students).