How to calculate your GPA?

As many of you may already know, the Grade Point Average (GPA) is a measure of the quality of your academic work at the university level. Some employers often use GPA as a key factor when they offer work to college graduates. That is why it is very important to maintain a good GPA throughout your university career.

There are two classes of GPA: One is called “Term GPA,” which means the average grade you take in your courses during a given semester. The other is called “Overall GPA”, and is the average of notes received in all its courses during all its semesters at the UTEP to date. Both figures are indicated in your final report of grades or grades at the end of each semester.

What is a good GPA Calculator?

Although you have been told you must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher to avoid penalties such as probation and suspension, it is best to keep your GPA Calculator as high as possible. With higher, better. This opens more doors of opportunity when you apply for employment, either as a student or as a graduate.

How is GPA calculated?

To get your GPA, you first have to understand what grade points are and how they are used to calculate your GPA. Each rating or letter note corresponds to a given numerical value. These numerical values ​​are known as “grade points”.

What is Probation?

Academic probation is a term used to describe the status of a student whose GPA falls below the 2.0 minimum. And then what happens? The student has to request special permission from the dean of his school in order to be able to re-enroll.

What is done to escape Probation?

A student may escape Probation by raising their GPA to 2.0 or above. At that time he becomes eligible to re-enroll for the next semester without the prior permission of the dean.

What is Suspension?

“Suspension” is the academic term used to describe the status of a student on conditional enrollment that returns a GPA below 2.0. When this happens, the student is suspended for one semester, and is not allowed to re-enroll until that semester is finished. Only then can the student ask his department for a new enrollment. This means that special permission is required from the dean of the school to be able to register again.

And, what happens if a student stays under suspension? You can pass one of two things:

Academic Suspension for one year

If a student has already been suspended during a semester, and if he returns to the UTEP for one semester and still fails to have a GPA of 2.0, he will be suspended for one year, which means that he is not allowed to register for any Class in the UTEP for a whole year. At the end of the year, the student has the option to request that his or her department be re-enrolled. If this is approved, the student is allowed to re-enroll for one semester with Probation. The dean of the school may also impose certain restrictions, such as limiting the number of hours of classes that the student can take or setting a certain level of GPA that forces have to reach for the semester.

Academic Suspension for two years

If a student still does not succeed in the semester immediately after his / her suspension for a year, then he / she is suspended for two years. After these two full years, the student has the option to re-apply to his / her academic department for re-enrollment. If approved, the student is allowed to re-enroll for classes, but more likely with certain restrictions and expectations as above.