Internal validity

The internal validity is to ensure that the actual conclusions made are true. For example if the conclusion is that X causes Y to happen when it in fact is the unknown factor Z that actually causes Y.

This is one difficult task to validate and no guaranties can ever be made. However, to strengthen the internal validity the questions asked during every interview were stated in an open way, to minimize the possibility of affecting the answer of the respondent.

By approaching the interviews in this way the respondents could discuss what they think is important. This approach also minimizes the possibility of affecting the data while collecting it. Moreover, the number of respondents were not decided beforehand but were dynamic according to what was identified for every case company.

Other ways of strengthening the internal validity of this research could e.g., be to increase the sample size and this could be done in a larger quantitative study. Something that is further discussed in Chapter 7 and this will also be considered in the next phase of this research.