What is measured?

An overview of the research journey in this thesis As the research journey illustrates, this research began with an initial workshop in order to identify what senior management identified as important success factors for complex product development.

This workshop together with an initial literature review was the foundation for the first conference paper, Paper A. The results from this workshop became the initial foundation for designing the multiple exploratory case studies that was initiated shortly after the workshop.

During the exploratory case studies a deeper understanding was developed and the need for defining performance was identified and thus the foundation for Paper C and D was made. Moreover, the framework for performance in complex product development presented in Paper A was then further developed into a matrix, with the purpose of evaluating the currently used performance measurement systems.

This was then further developed, in Paper B, into a conceptual tool that can be used to evaluate what is and what is not measured by the performance measurement system. This research process has consequently been inductive since the results have been developed from an empirical base. Since there is a lack of research focusing on how to measure performance in complex product development, it has been beneficial to base the understanding on induction. In this way